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Commodity Exchange

Nanning (China - ASEAN) Commodity Exchange (abbreviation NCCE), an electronic commodity exchange market was established in 2006 by the organization of the People's Government of Nanning, under the approval of the State Council, with the registered capital of 100 million Yuan. It was one of the first commodity e-commerce exchange platforms which were allowed to use “Exchange” as the company name. It’s a company with limited liability and the business license number is 450100000000435. The main business scope of NCCE includes various industrial and agricultural products, energy products, import and export commodities, mechanical and chemical products, etc. spot auction trading (except for items under the special provisions of the state), information consultant, exhibition services, investment and management in catering, entertainment, warehousing and logistics.

Trade Modes

Physical Distribution  Electronic Bidding 
spot commodity Purchase and Sale  Listed trading
Repurchase Transaction   The financial insurance overseas dynamic


Grain Reserves  Molasses Board 
Jewelry  Forest Products  Scrap Steel

NCCE began trial operation in May 16, 2008, the official listing of the transaction in October 2007. At present, traded varieties are: sugar, soybeans, corn, rice, soybean meal, soybean oil, fertilizer, molasses and scrap; plan recently traded varieties are: alcohol, starch, coal, iron ore, steel and wood. NCCE not only by the use of "centralized trading, remote delivery and pick up the nearest" the new mode, and also the original was "traded" and "auction" "repo" so far the industry's most advanced transaction models, for businesses to create a haunch of openness, fairness and justice, high efficiency and low cost of business environment, fully meet the different needs of production and operation of market participants.

In order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of market participants, the security and the stability of commodity trading, NCCE formulation was a series of transaction management system and risk control measures, especially in the management of funds, in accordance with the requirements of the State Council, complete with "trading funds third-party supervision" mode, effectively guarantee funds of members of the security. In order to prevent some members of malicious default, exchange has also developed. "Non performance apply trading system, constitute haunch NCCE's management features.
In order to expand their business, NCCE from March 2010 began layout in the China - ASEAN Free Trade Area, in the 10 ASEAN countries set up offices, radiating NCCE trading operations to these countries, also has to Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and other countries to understand multi trade visits and business negotiations, plans in Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand set up NCCE commodities offshore trading center, which Indonesia offshore trading center has June 2014 formally established. Approved by the Indonesian government, the Asia Pacific commodity exchange established by the NCCE investment will also be opened in the near future. All offshore trading centers located in overseas are denominated in RMB as a trading quote and settlement currency, to enhance the strength and status of the RMB in the international circulation. NCCE to start construction in 2009 "China rural commodity electronic trading network has already opened more than 500 villages of haunch, farmers not village agricultural products and agriculture and a variety of commodities trading. In addition, approved by relevant state departments and the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Fangchenggang City Government, Fangchenggang trading center of renewable resources and industrial processing base has officially approved, the project covers an area of 1500 acres, with 657 meters from the shoreline, the current project in wildly beating gongs and drums.

The advanced electronic trading combined with settlement, logistics, information, financing services together form the core business of NCCE. In addition to the core business, NCCE information services, business consulting, credit identification, online marketing and advertising planning, and other value-added services, together constitute the evolving business chain of NCCE. NCCE adhere to "committed to service, professional and innovative" concept, and constantly improve the functions of markets, means of services, enrich services content, improve services levels to build a full range of professional services system. With pioneering and innovation spirit, NCCE dedicates to market participants to provide quality, professional, diversified services, and works together with them for a brilliant future.
Significance of NCCE   
It is conducive to promoting the development of China - ASEAN Free Trade Area. It is conducive to China - ASEAN Expo held successfully and sustainable development. It is conducive to establishing the leading position of Guangxi in China-ASEAN Free Trade Area. It is conducive to Guangxi industrial restructuring and improving the quality of Guangxi economy. It is conducive to the integration of market resources and creating the basis for a market economy transitioning.
NCCE six ”first”  
The first one created “auction trading” mode The first one proposed “non-performance applications” trading system. Spot traders may make non-compliance applications under certain conditions, to fully protect the interests of both parties. The first one carried out the "financing transaction" business. Spot traders cooperate with banks and non-bank financial institutions through electronic trading platforms so that the enterprises can achieve trade financing in the transaction. The procedure is simple, fast and convenient, safe and reliable.
The first one developed “the document of title of taking delivery pledge” financing business. Spot traders can pledge the document of title of taking delivery for financing to liquidate the inventory and the bought yet non-taken-delivery commodities. This makes the trade flow and capital flow combined together efficiently and rapidly.
The first one implemented "third-party logistics mode." Centralized trading, decentralized settlement, remote delivery of "third party" mode and professional operation, change the traditional logistics, of which the trading and delivery place is the same. It forms sectorial outlets of “one place trading, multiple places settlement” via automatic and systematic allocation, joint interaction. It saves time and space, reduces logistics costs and makes the process of logistics more cost-effective. The first one adopted the “rollbake, rollover” approach. Spot traders may apply earlier delivery or deferred delivery for the commodities that have already been traded according to their needs. It’s a flexible way to operate and avoid risks.
NCCE development advantage
Market potential of NCCE for China - ASEAN Free Trade area. In 2005 China ASEAN trade amounted to 130 billion 300 million US dollars with an average annual growth rate of more than 20%. With the construction process of China ASEAN Free Trade Area, the bilateral trade volume between China and ASEAN will reach more than 250 billion u..
Many varieties of NCCE transactions involving industry, agriculture, forestry, energy, new materials, such as more than a dozen industries. Will also be based on customer demand, continuous development and constantly improve the new trading varieties.
Trading system new NCCE Zhengzhou Zhengzhou University Information Technology Co., Ltd. to form strategic alliances, joint development and construction of the new trading system.
High service quality NCCE hired trade sector, the financial circles, political circles in the field of celebrities and experts and scholars, industry veteran as a consultant, and high-quality staff composed of professional team, to provide quality and efficient service for customers.

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