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Financing Assurance Services


Loan guarantee

  By means of the guarantee for the small and medium-sized enterprises, the promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises from the loan banks to obtain credit financing. The Group signed a cooperation agreement with various state and private commercial banks, and introduced the quality of potential customers. The group supports the quality of small and medium enterprises, to provide loans to the bank guarantee, in order to help SMEs to obtain credit financing. Since the group has established a cooperative relationship with a number of banks, the group The amount of loans guaranteed by the bank increased steadily.

Performance guarantee

 Discrimination in performance guarantee for pricing and market potential for the development of, the group in 2010 to carry out performance guarantee businesses, has provided the performance guarantee service including tendering and bidding deposit performance guarantees, secured transactions and final installment guarantee. Similar to the company's credit guarantee business, the group will conduct a comprehensive due diligence on the approval of the performance guarantee through strict credit approval process. Upon approval of the application for security, the contract will be issued to the customer performance guarantees, to determine the authenticity of the contract, and to ensure that customers will fulfill the relevant delivery of goods, service contracts and other contractual obligations.

Financial adviser

 The group provides financial advisory services to the company's credit guarantee transactions, to allow customers to understand the recent development of financial policies and market practices, and to establish a good communication with the loan bank. To provide financial advisory services to the performance guarantee transaction, to allow the customer to improve the relevant financial management and to assist the customer in accordance with the provisions of the contract provided to the other party for consultation. By virtue of the board of directors understanding of the last two years, the bank to develop assessment and the scope of loans, as well as its management expertise, the group is confident is able to help customers improve the financial, accounting and management system and a column.
Group from January 2009 to April 2011 cumulative underwriting project more than 90 pens, financial consultant service project more than 70 pens, income is about 46 million 600 thousand yuan. And there has never been a guarantee of compensation and loss.

Business process

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